Roobee Platform
Roobee is a blockchain based investment platform, that uses AI and transparent statistics in order to help people make smart investments starting from $10 in the investment products with high threshold, such as real estate, ambitious startups, investment funds, IPO, stocks, crypto projects and others

Mobile app and MVP coming Q3-Q4 2019
Raised $4 500 000 on pre-seed from a famous crypto"whale"
Over $15 000 000 went through Roobee test system
Community of 300 000+ investors
One of top-250 Bitcoin whale wallets has closed first stage of $1 mln private round IEO instantly

Roobee will be listed on:

One of the biggest
world's exchanges


$4 500 000 of raised funds on Pre-Seed round

On August 2, 2018, a Bloomberg-labelled "200M_trader" invested 10,955 ETH (or $4.5 million) in Roobee. Bloomberg reported in 2017 about how this investor made $283 million from an $55 million investment in one month (the investor chooses to remain anonymous).
« I only invest in projects that can reach a capitalization of $1bn within the time frame of 5 years. I see this potential in Roobee project, that’s why I invested $4.5 million into this blockchain-based investment platform. I’ve been following the same guidelines investing in Ethereum, EOS and other projects. In 2017 this strategy allowed me to transform $55m into $283m within a month. »

200M_trader about Roobee, original CCN article

Roobee х Krypital Group

Krypital Group is a leading consulting firm specializing in comprehensive marketing services in the Blockchain area. Krypital has operating offices in important locations around the world.

Here are the examples of the projects that were accompanied by Krypital:
- Egretia (10,7x)
- CyberMiles (11,2x)
- Arcblock (3,26x)
- Merculet (3,18x)

Some of them are now in the top 100 by capitalization. They are traded on top exchanges such as: Binance, OKEx, Huobi, KuCoin, HotBit, etc.

To put it simply, they provide a multifaceted support for projects, for example:
- Building a global community;
- Listings on stock exchanges;
- Assist with regulatory, technical and brand management;
- Support projects from initial investment stage to the further development of the project;

Roobee is here to solve this problems

Barriers and limitations
Barriers and limitations
Most people are not professional investors and have limited access to the opportunities available to accredited and institutional investors
High and implicit fees
High and implicit fees
Cutting out the high commissions levied by managers. Currenlty, management fees, success fees and other financial 'services' are cutting into investor profits
Lack of transparency
Lack of transparency
There are no transparent track records for many of investment products. It's also unclear where funds are stored. All of this leads to poor investor security
Limited investment options
Limited investment options
The investment world is too complex and new investors are often quickly discouraged

We work on a growing market

The asset management market is demonstrating steady growth. As forecasted by BostonConsulting Group, the total AUM will reach $109 trillion by 2020
Roobee will disrupt the wealthtech market consisting of: Roboadvisors, Digital brokerage platforms, General investing services, Portfolio management platforms and Financial services software for personal's bank accounts.

What is Roobee

Roobee consists of two shells:

Inner - Blockchain and backend infrastructure of Roobee
Outer - Various investment services available in form of web-service and a mobile app

In details:

Roobee Network - A system consisting of permissioned blockchain RoobeeChain based on HyperLedger Fabric and public blockchain Ethereum. This system effectively secures investor funds while also providing transparent reporting of inflow into various funds. RoobeeNetwork is also capable of issuing virtual display blockchain records.

RoobeeID - Contains user's keychain, digital ID, and public and private keys. RoobeeID provides bulletproof security and access to the Roobee platform and RoobeeNetwork.

RoobeeWallet - The multi-currency wallet allows users to store and exchange their assets, while also providing storage for RoobeeID keys and access to Roobee's browser extension and mobile app.

RoobeeScore - A key management system that ensures the availabilty of suitable investment products. RoobeeScore thoroughly evaluates products to ensure that only high quality products are available to investors.

RoobeeFin - A smart user assistant and portfolio builder which uses machine learning to create suitable investment plans for users based on their risk profile.

RoobeeMarket - A dynamic marketplace that allows users to build their own portfolios with the help of RoobeeScore's automatic backtesting algorithms.

RoobeeTerminal - Hosts trading on RoobeeLiquid and other exchanges and provides trading access to appointed and anonymous asset managers.

RoobeeLiquid - An internal OTC platform that supports the peer-to-peer exchange of virtual display blockchain records between Roobee users.


How does it works

how roobee work
Users registering in Roobee via Mobile App or Web-service. They can choose the comfortable way to use Roobee or use both ways. They will also able to use chatbot to interact with Roobee.
Users need to proceed KYC to get Personal Roobee ID granting secure decentralized data storage. With RoobeeID user will be able to participate in wide range of investment products without additional registrations, KYCs and long read documents.
Users may pass profiling to form personal investment portrait. RoobeeScore empowered with AI and Machine Learning will take into account all the details and goals to provide user with tailored investment portfolio which suits them best.
Users will be able to pay using bank-cards and cryptocurrencies as well. They will be able to attach bank card or use RoobeeWallet and invest in automatic mode without any hassle.
Token Usage
a. Spending
Roobee tokens may also be used to receive priority access to investment products with limited allocation and high demand. In this case user will need to utilize Roobee token to use it as an a key or freeze valuable amount to receive a membership status on the platform.
b. Burning
If the user has used Roobee token eg for fee reduction, Roobee will utilize a part of that tokens, to ensure token free float reduction
User funds will be automatically distributed among scored investment products with genuine track-records on blockchain , from venture funds and real estate to crypto, ETF's, stocks and others. All transactions and movements will be recorded in blockchain to ensure transparency.
As a result of successful investment users will receive virtual display blockchain records which would symbolize investment products they have entered. All of them will be safely stored in RoobeeWallet.

Investment products on Roobee

Cryptocurrencies and virtual display blockchain records
Cryptocurrencies and virtual display blockchain records
Portfolio cryptocurrency strategies
Portfolio cryptocurrency strategies
Portfolio strategies for trading stocks, ETFs, bonds
Portfolio strategies for trading stocks, ETFs, bonds
Private managers and traders
Private managers and traders
IPO allocation
IPO allocation
Blockchain startups
Blockchain startups
Shares in allocations in venture funds
Shares in allocations in venture funds
Shares in promising startups
Shares in promising startups
Commercial real estate
Commercial real estate
Loans to individuals and businesses
Loans to individuals and businesses

We are planning to expand the list of investment products

Roobee platform status

Current version: closed MVP

  • Web version
  • Crypto accepted
  • Storage and wallet management system based on Bitgo
  • Risk-Profiling
  • ETFs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Portfolios
  • Pools
  • Microinvesting from 10$
  • Automated portfolio creation
  • Manual portfolio creation
Roobee platform status
200 BTC (about $1m) from
the top-250 Bitcoin whales

One of top-250 Bitcoin whale wallets (over 7000 BTC) has closed first stage of $1 mln private round IEO instantly

200 BTC (about $1m) transaction was sent by him via transit wallet to the Roobee’s wallet with the message “In Roobee I Trust”

« I see the same potential in Roobee that I saw in Binance at the time. Roobee has a target on an actual problems of millions of people around the world and has great potential for development in the next years. I will hold Roobee token, just as I hold BTC, BNB, EOS and other cryptocurrencies that can grow greatly according to my calculations. »
Bitcoin whale about Roobee, original Yahoo Finance article

Licenses for the storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies in the EU have been obtained.

Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
Providing a virtual currency wallet service
Operating as a financial institution
Service of trust funds and companies

Value Proposition

Elimination of entry barriers
Roobee will enable any person with any income to invest as little as $10 in investment products such as venture funds, real estate, etc that only large capitals have access to.
Intelligent investing
Using Roobee, anyone will be able to invest their money in a portfolio consisting of investment products from different asset classes, which will allow to ensure maximum diversification.
Roobee’s implementation of blockchain is key to provision of services to clients transparently and authentically as well as provision of genuine track records. For all user, data on completed transactions will be recorded in the blockchain including details of investments, exchange rates, etc
Ease of Use
Using Roobee Non-professional investor will be able to get all functionality through a mobile application in a couple of clicks. Besides this, gamification will provide additional engagement. Roobee also will help user to create portfolio which suits him best.
Low Fees
Roobee will not charge a direct fee for the purchase of investment products. At the same time, Roobee Token will help reduce fees of third-party services and parters fees.
Automated investing with passive mode
You will be able to bind the method of payment and not think about when you need to replenish your account or make an investment. In addition, automatic investing makes it easy to follow a strategy, such as position averaging.

Roobee Token functions

Utilize on comission reduction
With the help of a Roobee token, you will be able to reduce commissions charged by third-party services, management fees, success and exchange fees.
Freeze for access to advanced functions
Roobee Token will be the key to additional service features such as allocations in exclusive products, advanced investment modes and other
Reward for useful actions
Roobee Token will play an important role in RoobeeCommunity, rewarding users for useful actions and competitions, an affiliate program and bug-bounty for developers.


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Successfully reached

2017 Q4

The origin of the project idea

2018 Q2

The core team of developers, analysts and experienced managers has been formed and begun to work on the MVP

2018 Q3

Roobee receives $4.5 USD million from contributors

$15 million USD allocated to various investment products to test hypothesis of crowdinvesting with small threshold

2018 Q4

Licenses for storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies in EU received

2019 Q1

Roobee's united investment community exceeds 300,000 users

Soon to be reached

2019 Q2

Launch of Cryptocurrencies products

Introduction and closed testing of Roobee MVP including beta versions of Roobee Marketplace and automated investment portfolio management functionalities (Roobee Fin)

2019 Q3

Signature of agreements with brokers

Release of beta version of Roobee mobile application

Public testing of Roobee core investing functionality

2019 Q4

Launch of ETF and Shares products

Application for additional licenses in European market

Signature of first agreements with venture capital and private equity funds

The launch of the first operational market for testing

Release of Roobee 0.8 version including addition of Shares and ETF products

2020 Q1

Proof-of-concept with bank or neobank, signutare of first agreements

Beta release of Roobee's decentralised wallet

Beta release of Roobee's own blockchain - Roobee Chain

2020 Q2

The launch of the first rollout phase of market expansion

Launch of cooperation with institutional investors

Application for legal licenses in the regions of the second rollout phase

Launch of real-estate products

Public release of Roobee live version operating on fully compatible blockchain (beta)

2020 Q3

Launch of venture funds products

Launch of Roobee's blockchain (live version)

Launch of Roobee wallet (live version)

2020 Q4

Signature of agreements with brokers in new regions

Public Release of Roobee platform (live version) including invesment infrastracture fully compatible with Roobee's blockchain

2021 Q1

Launch of second rollout stage of Roobee market expansion

Roobee annual report and audit provided by reputable auditing company

Launch of Commodities product

Launch of Debts product

Release of Roobee Liquid

2021 Q2

Release of Roobee's decentralized marketplace of private asset managers

Release of Roobee Terminal

Key team members and advisors

Jay Park
Jay Park
Business Development Advisor
  • Partner at Crimson Park Partners
  • Advised companies on growth and business development in FinTech, IoT Security, Blockchain, AI, Energy etc., based in the US, Europe and East Asia
  • 10+ years of experience in finance and management consulting in the USA, the UK, the UAE, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, South Korea, and the Czech Republic
Amine Berraoui
Amine Berraoui
  • Trilingual senior Financial professional with double Masters in Business Administration and twenty years experience of leadership in Western Europe , Africa, the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Europe. Has repeatedly grown and developed high performing businesses for tier one investment banks.
  • Has worked with top banking institutions like Citibank, RBS, ABN Amro or Deutschebank
  • London Business School MBA
Dan Kaizer
Dan Kaizer
Head of Blockchain R&D
  • Awarded Overall Winner of ETHWaterloo Canada 2017 by Vitalik Buterin and Storj; Selected as the winner BlockchainHack Russia 2017 by Qtum
  • Dapp architect, Solidity expert. Well known in blockchain developer community
  • Author of scientific work "Decentralized Reputation Assessment System in Oracles Networks"
Salina Bo
Salina Bo
FinTech Advisor
  • Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and multi-asset blockchain investor
  • Has spent over a decade in top level management overseeing and directing a range of companies through empowering innovation and forward planning. Has successfully listed a number of companies on various stock exchanges worldwide
  • Vice President of AA UNION CAPITAL. Managing Partner of CREBACO
Li Shuangshuang
Li Shuangshuang
Chinese Community Advisor
  • Beijing Lianfeng Group Business Director
  • Helped Trinity Group & Mindol enter Chinese market
  • Business development experiene at Japanese bank - Sumitomo Mitsui. Beijing Foreign Studies University and Tokyo University graduate
Albert Sagiryan
Albert Sagiryan
Investment and financial markets advisor
  • Partner in the international investment fund
  • Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan
Vladi Siganěvič
Vladi Siganěvič
  • With more than 15 years experience in Digital Marketing, he is currently involved in managing Creamfinance Czech, providing cutting-edge personal finance products
  • Responsible for business strategy development and implementation as the CEO at Creamfinance Czech
  • CEO within Creamfinance Czech, a company with over €35M in revenue and €20M capital raised. 15+ years experience in Digital Marketing
Oleg Gaidukov
Oleg Gaidukov
  • 14+ years technical experience, including 7 years of technical management up to с-level. Expert in blockchain, machine learning, fintech. and adtech
  • Former Head of telecommunications and enterprise networks at Banca Intesa (Tier-1 European Bank)
  • Notable case: built a realtime traffic exchange with a distributed trust and rating system. The project used DLT connected via sidechaining to allow participants to access a balance management system based on gamification theory
Evan Golovanov
Evan Golovanov
Product Owner
  • Former Nordea Markets investment analyst with FX, derivatives and project financing experience
  • Hashlab co-founder and blockchain advisor to numerous prominent projects
  • Masters in International Finance
Artem Popov
Artem Popov
  • Serial enterpreneur with six years of experience in successful business and community development
  • Expert in the fields of digital content marketing, community building, and product development
  • Co-founder of community 300,000+ people who are interested in investing
Serj Azatyan
Serj Azatyan
Strategic partner and Advisor
  • Private equity with focus on telecom, media and technology
  • Co-founder of Inventure Partners, a European early stage venture capital firm
  • Graduate of Harvard Business School
  • Managed Mobile TeleSystems IPO on NYSE and assisted in the reorganization of Svuazinvest and merger of Rostelecom
  • Manages Independent Media, a publisher of Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Esquire and other premium magazines
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
IR and Business Development Advisor
  • Former founder of BN Capital. Partner of Blockize, Partner of Roots Labs
  • Successful entrepreneur in finance for more than 5 years
  • More than 6 years deep experiences in crypto and blockchain. More than 8 years working experiences in venture Capital, investing banking
  • Expert in Token Economy design, strategy advisory and venture building
Dmitrii Machikhin
Dmitrii Machikhin
Legal Strategy
  • Startup, investment, asset digitalization and international market entry strategy expert
  • MBA
  • Legal practice in Clifford Chance, finance & banking direction
Dan Brodovich
Dan Brodovich
Product Advisor
  • Graduated from 5 startup accelerators
  • Graduated From Stanford University and Hult International Business School
  • Mentor of 2 startup incubators - Turn8 and Onetraction
Artur Stepanenko
Artur Stepanenko
AI/ML Data Scientist
  • Rated among the top 300 machine learning engineers by Google Kaggle
  • Frequent speeker at DataFest, Europe's largest ML conference, author of several ground breaking academic papers
  • Sucessful competitor in several prominent machine learning competitions hosted by Rakuten, Amazon, Google Jigsaw, Kaspersky Labs
Oleg Grishko
Oleg Grishko
IT Architect
  • 11+ years experience in IT
  • Launched numerous projects, including RSC Energia (integration of business systems); e-Moscow (industry hubs); Federal Treasury (distributed AS); Rosatom (integrated management system); Sibur (integration of business systems)
Nikolai Artamonov
Nikolai Artamonov
Art Direction
  • 20+ years experience in the art and creative industry
  • Former Design Vice President at Lazada, the largest E-commerce project in South East Asia
  • Former art director at DDVB branding agency
Gmt Legal
Gmt Legal
  • Experts in fintech, finance law, securitization, and capital market transactions
  • Previous clients include Microsoft and Virgin
And more than 20 people working on the project...

We are working with these companies

Safe Storage

is the largest Bitcoin processor. The leader in security, compliance, and custodial solutions for blockchain-based currencies. Bitgo have $15B in transactions per month


was created within Linux Foundation. Hyperledger Fabric is supported and used by major players in the IT market, such as IBM and Intel. We work with Hyperledger on creating our permissioned blockchain using the HyperLedger Fabric framework

is Tier-1 worldwide famous IT company. We use IBM blockchain platform and cloud services for development


is Tier-1 KYC/AML Company. 10 000 000+ unique verified users. We work with Sum&Substance on providing KYC/AML services to Roobee platform

Business Development in China

is a blockchain focused full-circle enterprise service platform. We work with Blockize to expand our business outreach and establish new operation in different markets such as Asian region.

Investment Partner

is or Strategy Partner. The fund’s portfolio currently includes on-demand service Gett (GetTaxi), leader in US telehealth American Well, long-distance bus tickets platform Busfor, and others. Founded in 2012.

Smart-Contracts Security

is a famous blockchain security company with numerous successful cases. We work with SmartDec on auditing our smart-contracts

Products and Infrastructure

is an innovative multi-product platform for the asset management community in financial markets

Strategic Partner

is a leading consulting firm specializing in comprehensive marketing services in the Blockchain area.